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Reef Conctruction

1.000 litres tank building

Version 2014-VII

Tank I Building - Phase 2



1.000 litres tank building


2nd phase of planned series:

  • 1st Steps
  • Reef Construction
  • The Sump
  • Inside the Tank
  • Preparing for Life
  • Animals Welcome
  • Regular quarterly updates

Made in collaboration of CORAL-SHOP and RAS - Revolutionary Aquarium Systems

Reef Construction

White Bottom

3 mm white sanded-acrylic bottom as an ideal base for heavy stones and thin layer of white coral sand


Stones Preparation

Stones Stones Stones Stones

The base of large foundation stones is leveled with profi foxtail saw

Two or more stone blocks are drilled through (steel M6)...

...and joined with plastic helix (PAD, M6)

Ad-hoc cut plastic washer must be used under the nuts

Dry Built Reef

Dry Reef Dry Reef

This is the result of pre-final phase. There is still a chance to make any adjustements before final bonding

Reef Bonding

Bond Bond Bond

CS REEF BC - special reef bonding cement - is used

Add small amount of water and mix up... get paste consitency bond workable for about 45 min.

Bonding Bonding Bonding Bonding

Dry build block

Upper stone is removed

CS REEF BC is applied

Stone back in position

Bonded areas must be moistened!

Completion Completion Completion

Tighten the nut...

...cut off the odd part of helix...

...and mask everything

Reef Completed...

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