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Natural Seawater Mimicking
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coral-shop Reefkeeping Concept
Basic Pillars of Reefkeeping
Reefkeeping Problems and Specifics
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In contrast to a reef tank, the mass of all living matter in an oceanic environment is negligible with respect to the total mass of water.  The oceanic environment is in addition an open system with functional geochemical cycles of all elements and compounds and also food chain is complete. This considerable differences lead to the following problems:


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A Key to Success
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Successful operating of reef tank in all its forms stands on three basic pillars:

  1. Professionally designed tank
  2. Professionally designed sump with a high-quality technology
  3. Subsequent regular care of seawater
  4. Subsequent regular care of animals

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The Tank and Technology
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Daily regular care of seawater and the animals will never be effective enough without a professionally planned and constructed tank, equipped with a high-quality and appropriate technology.


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Understanding Seawater
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Only 0,3 % of mass differentiate the sea water from salted water used for spaghetti cooking... The Shelford"s law of tolerance is valid also in the oceanic ecosystems:

  • Every organism is capable to survive within certain limits of their living environment factors.

and related Liebig"s  law of minimum:

  • If all conditions mentioned in Shelford"s law of tolerance in the living environment of an organism are met and one is not, then this one condition acts as the limiting factor.

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